Thursday, January 27, 2022

Krazy Deal Daze Has a New Home


Krazy Deal Daze has a new “home”

Krazy Deal Daze, Bringing you deals, coupons, reviews, tutorials, and DIYs to save you money

CMCK Enterprise, LLC would like to announce the official acquisition of Krazy Deal Daze as its first DBA.

This acquisition changes nothing with the structure and business model of Krazy Deal Daze.

Krazy Deal Daze, originally started as an eBay drop ship company in 2007 and then restructured and reimagined in 2017, it was started by a Husband and Wife team who love good deals, saving money, and DIYs. Since 1994 this husband and wife duo have been figuring out ways to get more bang for their buck all while manifesting the life of their dreams. In 2021 this same husband and wife team formed CMCK Enterprise, LLC and on January 25th 2022 CMCK Enterprise, LLC acquired legal ownership of Krazy Deal Daze.

Krazy Deal Daze is an information site that offers shopping guides, money-saving tips, reviews, coupons, and coupon codes from top retailers. Krazy Deal Daze also provides tutorials, money-saving DIYs, crafts, and ideas to its audience. Our mission is to inspire you and save you money!

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Welcome to CMCK Enterprise, LLC

CMCK Enterprise LLC, Real Estate Investing and Holding Company

We are a new family-own and operated Real Estate Holding Company established in 2021.


CMCK Enterprise, LLC is a member-managed, family-owned, and operated real estate holding company that manages a portfolio of diversified businesses through our subsidiary companies and joint venture limited partnerships, specializing in real estate investing.

Services to include: investing in real estate through purchasing, selling, renting real property, property management, digital real estate, notes, eREITs, and a diversified DBA portfolio.


We have some more exciting news coming soon!