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Monday, April 15, 2024

New Silver Lending LLC


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New Silver Lending LLC: Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment Financing

New Silver Lending LLC is making waves in the world of real estate investment with a service designed to streamline and simplify the process for investors. This cutting-edge firm offers a range of financial products and services tailored to the needs of real estate entrepreneurs. But how does it hold up under scrutiny?

Key Features and Benefits

One of the standout features of New Silver Lending is their quick loan approval process, which is of paramount importance in the fast-paced real estate market. Their offerings include fix-and-flip loans, rental loans, and refinancing options, with competitive interest rates that appeal to both novice and seasoned investors.
Additionally, they boast an innovative tech platform, "FlipScout," which helps investors find properties with potential high returns. The integration of technology into their service model allows for a smoother, more efficient loan experience.

Performance in Real-World Conditions

Real-world feedback indicates that New Silver's seamless online application system and rapid funding times often result in a hassle-free transaction. These are crucial benefits when capitalizing on time-sensitive real estate opportunities.

Potential Drawbacks or Issues

Some users have reported stringent qualification criteria, which could be a hurdle for less experienced investors. Additionally, there may be geographical limitations as services aren't available in all states.

Comparison to Competitors

Compared to traditional financial institutions, New Silver Lending LLC offers more specialized services, catering directly to real estate investors. However, there might be alternative lenders who offer lower rates for those with an exceptional credit profile or a robust investment history.

Value for Money

Most clients find the rates reasonable considering the quick turnaround, specialized loan options, and additional tools provided. When it comes to value for money, the overall consensus seems to favor New Silver, especially for those invested heavily in the real estate sector.

User Experiences and Consensus

Many users applaud New Silver for its customer service and user-friendly tools. A common thread in reviews is appreciation for the transparency throughout the loan process.

Additional Costs

While the loan service itself is comprehensive, potential investors should account for the property appraisal fees, potential closing costs, and interest rates when calculating the total expenditure.

Common Pros & Cons


  • Fast loan approval and funding
  • Specialized product offerings for real investors
  • User-friendly tech for market analysis (FlipScout)


  • Not available in every state
  • May have higher entry barriers for newer investors

New Silver Lending LLC stands out as a forward-thinking option for real estate investors seeking finance. As with any financial decision, it is crucial to do your due diligence and consult with a financial advisor before engaging in any binding contracts. This review is based on data available at the time of writing and is not a substitution for personalized advice.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Investing with Groundfloor

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What is Groundfloor?

Groundfloor, founded in 2013 by Brian Dally and Nick Bhargava, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Groundfloor is a P2P (peer-to-peer) crowdfunding Investment platform that gives individuals, non-accredited and accredited investors, the opportunity to invest directly in real estate investment loans on a fractional basis.

These loans are originated and serviced by Groundfloor. This means they are also a private lender offering Real Estate Investors private loans for fix and flips, fix to rent, new construction, heavy Rehab, and refinance renovation.

If you’ve looked at real estate crowdfunding platforms as an investment possibility, you’ve probably noticed that most crowdfunding platforms only allow accredited investors to participate. Groundfloor has broken that mold by creating a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows anybody who wants to become a real estate investor the opportunity to start investing for as little as $10.

Join Groundfloor with our referral link and earn 50 to invest!

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Investing with Fundrise

Fundrise, crowdfunding real estate platform which pools your investment money with other investors to help fund real estate projects.

Investing with Fundrise

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What is Fundrise?

Fundrise, founded in 2010 and Headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a crowdfunding real estate platform which pools your investment money with other investors to help fund real estate projects.

Fundrise provides an amazing opportunity for new and non-accredited investors to invest in real estate with as little as $10 to start.

Fundrise offers an easy way to diversify your real estate portfolio. With your investment you can buy shares in commercial real estate, single-family rental properties, apartment buildings, and property-secured debts in all 50 States with as little as $10. In addition to IPOs, you can invest in a combination of the company's two primary investments – eREITS (electronic real estate investment trusts) and eFunds (electronic real estate funds.)

One important thing to note and keep in mind if you are thinking about investing in any private real estate investments is that these are long term investments. Investments in Fundrise should also be viewed as long-term (5+ years). Fundrise selects strategies based on their long-term return potential for their investors, not short-term optics. So if you anticipate needing your investment back in the near-term, Fundrise doesn’t recommend investing with them.

Fundrise offers several account levels to meet your investment needs:

Fundrise also offers personal and business investment accounts.

CMCK Enterprise, started it’s investment journey with Fundrise on January 27th 2022. Our account was funded and our initial investment of $500 was placed in an Interval Fund of 44 different real estate projects on February 7th 2022.

Below are some snapshots of the first 10 days of our journey in investing with Fundrise:

This is just a brief informational introduction into CMCK Enterprises journey into investing with Fundrise and we would highly encourage you to do your own due diligence into researching all the available Crowdfunding platforms before starting your own investment journey as Fundrise is just one of many available. 

CMCK Enterprise is excited to see how our investment with Fundrise performs and will follow up with a proper review in the future.

*The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or investment advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.